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Positive Affirmations For Kids

In this article we have a collection of affirmations for kids

Affirmations for kids part 1

I am a fast and efficient learner
I create my own destiny
I am passionate about life
Anything is possible
I am strong
I love trying new ideas and activities
I am a great friend to myself
I have an easy time learning new things
I enjoy learning about new topics
It is safe and OK to express my feelings and goals
I love challenging myself
I am an example of love
I am a hard worker
Listen as much as you speak
I am unique
Be Positive
I can do it
I am a great student
I have wisdom
I am forgiving

Affirmations for kids part 2

I enjoy eating healthy
I don’t listen to negative people
Speak Up
I am enough but always striving to be, do and learn more
I am persistent
I am handsome/beautiful
I trust me intuition
I have great role models and learn from them
I see failures as learning and growth experiences
I am easy to get along with
I am artistic
I am the master of my life
I am productive
I am a leader
I am truthful
I listen to my heart
I am safe
I am optimistic
I can learn new things
I am present in class and in life

Affirmations for kids part 3

I am adaptive
I enjoy my own company
I keep my word no matter what
I have excellent writing skills
I reach for the stars
I go after my dreams
I see the beauty in people
Be Polite
I learn from every experience
I am kind
I see the positive always
I understand my school work and enjoy completing it
My mind is powerful and the key to my dreams
I am complete and whole as I am
I am a joyful child of the Lord
I respect my parents and teachers
I am cooperative
I have many abilities
Everything happens for a reason
I am the light of the world

Affirmations for kids part 4

I am always bettering my self
I am an inspiration to my friends and family
I am perfect as I am
I am limitless
I am loved for who I am
I am a great friend
I am loving and compassionate towards friends
I am athletic
Explain how you feel
I am relaxed and calm
I show others that I care about them
I am limitless talents and gifts that benefit everyone
I put others before myself
I love making new friends
I love life
I respect myself
I am peaceful
I can do whatever I put my mind to
I have a healthy body and mind
I expect miracles in my life

Affirmations for kids part 5

I am a great listener
I see everything in life as exciting and fun
I have positive and loving friends
I love change
I am aloud to be me and express myself
Positive Affirmations For Adults
I am a great manager of my time
I have an amazing memory
I have high energy
I am creativehar
I have a powerful and creative mind
I help and encourage my family
I look forward to each day
I have faith in myself
I seek to understand others
I am protected
I am an example student
Ask For Help
I am accepting and accept myself every day
I believe in myself

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