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200 Positive Affirmations For Weight Loss or Weight Gain

We have combined a collection of weight loss and weight gain affirmations for you. This is part 1 with the first 200 affirmations

Weight loss/gain affirmations part 1

I am awakening the giant within me through this journey of weight loss.
I radiate great health
Being healthy and slim is a top priority for me now
I feel at peace with myself when I commit to weight loss. And it feels damn amazing!
I have hope and certainty for my future body and weight loss goals.
It is perfectly clear to me how all the positives about weight loss outweigh the negatives.
I eat everything mindfully and slowly and I enjoy every bite
I easily work my workouts and exercise around my work and life schedule.
I am eating to support my body.
I love myself completely and love living in this amazing body.
I allow my intuition to guide me in the process of better health and weight loss.
I treat my body with the utmost respect.
Everyone is different and I don’t hold any expectations for my weight loss, only that it is and will keep happening.
I tell my body and mind what to do. Not the other way around.
I fully commit to getting down to my ideal body weight.
Unhealthy foods just don’t taste good anymore.
I make sure that I exercise daily
I’m loving the way my body feels as I become stronger and healthier
My body is going to gain the expected pound very soon.
People are always checking in with me and encouraging me to reach my ideal weight.

Weight loss/gain affirmations part 2

I am very excited to follow up on the new diet plans.
I set realistic but challenging goals for myself that inspire me to lose weight and feel great.
I’m loving the way my body feels as I eat healthier
Every day is a new day to begin on a positive and stable foot.
It feels great to be becoming the best version of myself.
I’m enjoying my slim and healthy body
I felt the need to gain weight, and that is why I am going to gain weight.
I can gain weight.
I feel like there is nothing I can’t do in this life. I am truly limitless.
I am fit and confident in my own body.
My fat loss is progressing each day, and my progress feels so great!
I take really good care of my body and mind
Muscles are coming to me.
I am not longer needing extra weight to protect myself.
My focus and drive never waver on my weight loss journey.
I love and cherish every part of my body now
I have a slim and healthy body and mind
I love and respect my body now
I can be as healthful as I ever thought.

Weight loss/gain affirmations part 3

Changing my old habits is becoming easier and easier every day.
My health and wellness are improving on a consistent and daily basis.
I am going to get my ideal physique.
I believe in my abilities and know I have what it takes to transform my body and mind.
My body, after gaining weight, will be very idle.
I am taking a protein-rich diet.
I am OK with starting with baby steps for I know they will turn into running strides soon enough.
I naturally read and watch content that helps me gain knowledge and ideas for effective weight loss.
I feel confident and powerful in my body.
I enjoy catching a glimpse of myself in a shop window
I love the way my whole life has transformed through my successful commitment to weight loss.
I will build my fate on my own.
I see the best in myself and know I am powerful and able to achieve perfect health and wellness.
I’m so grateful for my slim, healthy, and well body
All the weight I lose, I lose permanently.
God is supporting and helping my weight loss journey. Making me feel that I am not alone in my journey.
I have what it takes to achieve my ideal weight
Not only is my health improving, but so is my entire life. And it feels great!
I walk, talk, think, speak and eat my goals and dreams of weight loss.
It’s easy for me to choose the healthy option that I know my body will love

Weight loss/gain affirmations part 4

I always envision myself at my ideal weight.
I naturally make friends who are on the same journey as me. They serve as great accountability partners for my journey.
I am gaining weight every single day.
I naturally eat only what I need for my weight loss, not the entire plate.
I love my body completely right, which helps me in my journey of losing weight.
I dwell on all the long-term positive effects that my weight loss will bring me, and it inspires me!
I take joy in seeing my body transform and my clothes fit better.
My home is becoming so in line with my health and fitness goals/
I just have to eat healthy food.
I am my best cheerleader
My clothes are fitting so great on me as I am reducing my weight.
I already feel the way I would feel if I attained my perfect body weight.
I am so thankful that there are so many tools and tips that I can use to get me fit for life.
I am grateful for this new lifestyle change and love losing weight.
Through my fat loss pursuits, I have gained momentum and made positive changes in every area of my life!
I shoot for progress instead of perfection.
I feel great inside this new and improved body.
I love that I can run up a flight of stairs now with ease
I am craving healthy and whole foods more and more each day.
I am becoming more and more athletic each day.

Weight loss/gain affirmations part 5

I am relaxed about my weight now.
I easily pre-prep my meals each week to help create effective weight loss and a healthier body.
I deserve an attractive and healthful body.
I literally have no question in my mind that I am doing the right thing and will reach my goals.
My newfound weight loss and habit changes is giving me an unstoppable and high level of self-confidence.
Being healthy and slim is easy for me now
No one on this earth has ever been more blessed on their weight loss journey.
I naturally discover more healthy foods that I enjoy and help with my weight loss.
I feel powerful in and out of the gym.
I commit to a new lifestyle that is beneficial not only for weight loss but for higher self-confidence and self-esteem.
I don’t give any attention to those who speak ill about my weight but I will work for those who care.
I am becoming more physically active each day.
I love drinking water and walking
It’s easy for me to be my goal weight
I naturally ignore hunger pangs and do good things when they arrive like meditating or hydrating myself.
I deserve to feel the best for myself.
I am going to build positive thoughts in my brain.
Exercising is a daily part of my life now
I will eat only when my body needs it.
I inhale wellness and exhale fat loss.

Weight loss/gain affirmations part 6

I prioritize working for progress and not perfection.
I let go of all my limiting beliefs around weight loss and failure in the past.
My metabolism is high and effective at burning fat and helping with weight loss.
I realize how unhealthy food doesn’t make me feel good or confident so I easily let go of my eating habits surrounding bad foods.
I have chosen to gain weight for myself, not for what others think.
I look in the mirror and see a champion. Never engaging in negative self-talk.
I let go of all the guilt and negative emotions that are revolved around food, right now!
Nothing and no one can stop me on this journey.
I feel great and look great as my body is slimming down.
My heart and soul are so passionate and driven toward achieving my weight loss goals.
I am going to eat all healthy foods in a healthy amount.
The people in my life are so encouraging about my weight loss and how great I look from my weight loss.
Every day it gets easier to lose weight and improve my health
I love health.
My stamina has been boosted.
I easily let go of relationships that don’t benefit my weight loss and health.
I love my body
I have no shame in telling people my goals for I know I reinforce them when I speak them to others.
I do not fall for fad diets or gimmicks. I know they never give long-term sustainable results.
I am a naturally slim and healthy person

Weight loss/gain affirmations part 7

I make conscious decisions that help me achieve my ideal weight
I love and respect my body now and always
I enjoy my food and eat mindfully
I get appreciated for my dedication towards gaining weight.
No matter what, I will have more weight.
I love how my whole life has started changing after gaining weight.
My mindset is very clear about the change.
Being underweight is not a big deal for me.
I trust my body’s sanity.
I find new inspiration every day which helps me with my weight loss.
I love what I see now when I look in the mirror
I love being fit and healthy and I am working on it.
My desire for bad foods is dissolving more and more each day.
I am treating myself like no other can do.
I lose myself in the possibilities for myself, especially my pertaining to my weight loss.
I enjoy eating healthy foods.
I have all the mental and physical power needed for effective and long-lasting weight loss.
I pay no attention to people telling me my goals aren’t possible.
I love exercising.
I am fit for life.

Weight loss/gain affirmations part 8

My thoughts are constantly positive and revolve around positive images of me being fit and healthy.
I am getting closer and closer to my ideal weight each day.
My body is becoming more svelte and slender by the day.
I give thanks for having a body that is capable of exercising and effectively losing weight.
I perfect and master my eating habits more and more each day with more ease.
It is safe for me to change my body.
I commit to losing weight slowly and in a healthy manner. This is the key to long-term sustainable weight loss.
My brain is the strongest part of my body, it never lets me down from my aim.
I am becoming more attentive toward my weight gain.
I am increasing my weight for my betterment only.
I am getting in shape, I am feeling very energetic.
I have successfully gained 10 pounds.
I love the journey of health and commit to a lifestyle change, not just a diet plan. It is who I am now and forever.
I am inspired by seeing my muscles toning up.
I am thankful that I am reaching my goals.
I am nourishing my body with fresh foods and water
I only care about my opinion about my body weight.
I have enough patience to gain weight.
I find great people to keep me accountable for my goals.
I am going to feel glorious of myself after achieving my goal.

Weight loss/gain affirmations part 9

I am a unique person in this world, and so is everyone.
I love and embrace the weight loss journey, enjoying every single step of the way.
I’m loving feeling so healthy, slim, and fit
My digestive tract works perfectly, aiding in fast and effective weight loss.
I will surround myself with positive energies that can help me in gaining weight.
My core values are around my fitness and weight loss journey, helping me naturally make great choices.
I engage in weight loss for the betterment of my mind and body and for myself, not anyone else.
I love the gym.
I love fitting in at the gym and making new and positive friends there.
I am guided by the universe which guides me easily and directly to better and more effective weight loss.
I am not giving up on my objective of remaining fit.
I deserve to be more healthful.
I have learned from past experiences, I am not going to repeat those mistakes.
I am healthy
I love challenging my body and mind through fitness and better health choices.
I commit to loving myself throughout this entire journey.
I am well
I know my mind is powerful, so I naturally listen and watch things that strengthen my mind. Helping my weight loss journey.
I see food as fuel, not as something to suppress emotions with.
I do accept my body in every condition.

Weight loss/gain affirmations part 10

I share with people my insights and tips for weight loss as I know they reinforce my new beliefs.
I have challenged myself to gain weight.
I love waking up in the morning thinking about all the possibilities for me that the day holds.
I eat all of my food.
I will remain fit.
I am paying more attention to fitness.
When I wake up, I only think about positive thoughts about my weight loss journey.
I let go of eating foods that are empty of calories for they no longer benefit me.
Even in my dreams, ideas and inspiration come to me about weight loss.
I listen to my body when it tells me I need to eat, I do not eat out of boredom.
My body and mind feel and are in perfect sync, helping me strive hard toward my fat reduction goals.
I am kind to myself
The whole universe conspires to help me with my weight loss and fat loss.
I have all that it takes to lose weight and achieve my ideal body weight.
I laugh in the face of challenges along my weight loss journey.
I will not escape my workout.
I am always looking for inspiration every day, which helps me in gaining weight.
I am going to be my eyewitness to my weight gain.
I take the time to really enjoy and appreciate my food
I am slim
Age is only a digit, I can, and will gain weight.

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