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6 of the best motivational habits

What habits do extremely motivated people have that keep their motivation levels high most of the time?

We will show you in this article. When you choose a new habit you need to use it continuously for at least 30 days or longer. After that it ought to become an automatic process for you that you do without even thinking about it.

1. Getting Energized through your “WHY” Statement

We have touched on having a strong “why” statement a few times in this book already and the main reason for that is due to the fact that it works! Your “why” statement is your reason or reasons for desiring to achieve goals and will line up with your life’s purpose.

If you have a goal to travel across the planet in a hot air balloon as an example this will be a pretty pricey thing to achieve. You may need to gather a lot of money to do this which will need a great deal of motivation. So you need to think about “why” you really would like to accomplish this to keep your motivation strong.

The same relates to basic goals like getting out of debt and becoming financially free. To achieve a goal such as this you need strong motivation to stop using credit cards to buy whatever that takes your fancy. So make a strong “why” statement around this that really makes you feel energized and motivated.

What is the habit here? We simply advise that you read your “why” statement every morning prior to you face the problems of the day. When you read it make the feelings really strong within you so that your motivation levels are very high. If your “why” statement isn’t cutting it for you then write a much better one.

2. Start your Day right

We strongly recommend that you develop a new morning schedule that will stimulate you and boost your motivation. When you have the ability to start your day off correctly you will have a much better chance of keeping your motivation all through the day. So here is a suggested routine:

1. Read your “why” statement and goals to give a powerful purpose to get out of bed. Keep these by your bedside at all times
2. Do a number of deep breathing exercises and then perform some stretches. This is a fantastic way to get that much desired oxygen to your brain through increasing your blood flow.
3. Begin the day with a simple task. We have already discussed carrying out a simple task first before you undertake harder ones. By completing an easy task you will get a sense of accomplishment which will push you on for the rest of the tests ahead.
4. Establish or evaluate your daily goals or tasks. You can either do this early in the morning or last thing the day before. If you have already made your list then review each task and prioritize them.

3. Show Gratitude

When you are thankful for the things and people that you have in your life then you will acquire more.
So make it a day to day habit to record what you are grateful for. Write this down and after that speak it aloud or think it.

4. Keep a Journal

Again we have brought up the power of journaling previously and if you do not have a written journal yet then get yourself one today. This does not need to be an expensive leather bound diary. A simple spiral bound notebook will do. Just use a new page for each day and add the date at the top of the page.

Make a journal entry at the end of each day. What did you achieve? What challenges did you have to overcome? What feelings did you experience and why? Was there a time where your motivation levels
dropped– if so what were the circumstances?

Once you get into the habit of making daily journal entries you will love it! There is no set format for journaling– just do what works for you. Some people make doodles and others just write. Find easy ways to add emotion to every one of your entries. If you need a motivational boost at any time look back over your journal and see what you have accomplished.

5. Daily Visualization

One of the best ways to boost your motivation is to make use of visualization techniques. What you need to do here is form images in your mind that will inspire you. For instance, if you have a goal to own a big home then use visualization to see yourself acquiring that house and moving in. Observe of how you feel as you receive the keys and walk in for the first time.
Never believe that visualization is a waste of time much the same to daydreaming. It is a really powerful technique that successful people employ all of the time. When you do it right it can really drive up yourmotivation levels because you want to experience the feelings of obtaining your goals. You can visualize any place and at any time so do it daily.

6. Mix with other Very Motivated People

Regrettably you are most likely going to find that your family members and pals are not going to have the high motivation levels that you desire. We are not suggesting that you dump your family and friends but we do advise that you find really motivated people that can excite you and motivate you.

These people do not need to live or work close at hand. There are plenty of sites to find them online. Try to find forums that have positive minded and motivated people. Take a look at social media groups on Facebook and LinkedIn also. Try to find at least one new motivated person that you can communicate with every day.

Searching for a mentor that you can keep in touch with every day is another good idea. A good mentor is going to cost you but in the long run it can really be worth it. When trying to find a mentor make certain that they have the required knowledge to assist you. Ideally you want a mentor that has already achieved what you would like to achieve

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