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6 Mantras That Calm Your Mind and Bring Inner Peace

Mantras are wonderful tools that you can use during meditation as well as other parts of your day.

Whether you’re deep in meditation or simply trying to remind yourself of something important, a mantra is a great way to center your thoughts and keep yourself on track.

If you’re having trouble developing a mantra or finding one that suits your needs, consider trying one from this varied list of six mantras to get started.

Mantra #1: “I am content with this moment.”

Mindworks suggests using the simple mantra to help yourself focus on the here and now. If your mind tends to wander during your meditation practices, this mantra can help you focus specifically on your meditation environment, mindset, and current emotions.

Mantra #2: Try a traditional Sanskrit peace mantra, such as “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.”

If you’ve ever taken a guided meditation or yoga class, this popular peace mantra may already be familiar to you. If not, it’s a great one to use if you want to try for incorporating more mantras into your personal practice.

In Sanskrit, “shanti” means peace. By pairing it with the popular “om” and repeating the word shanti, you can help your thoughts turn toward peace and calmness.

Mantra #3: “I cannot control everything.”

This mantra may sound like basic life advice, but it’s a wonderful mantra for anyone who has trouble with anxiety or stress.

It is a fact that nobody ever has 100% control over everything happening in life. It would be easier if we could, but since we don’t, the things we can’t control often cause a lot of anxiety.

Adding this very simple mantra into your meditation practice can help you become more comfortable with the idea that some things are beyond your control. While simple, this mantra serves as a constant reminder that you can’t have total control over everything.

Mantra #4: Choose a mantra aligned with your religion or faith, such as “God is with me in this moment.”

Many people find inner peace through religion. if this is the case for you consider using your meditative practices as a way to connect deeper with your religious beliefs.

Meditation is meant to bring you a deep sense of peace, understanding, and relaxation. If it is helpful for you to find peace also and your religion, consider using a simple mantra that reminds you of the strength, peace, and hope you find through your religious beliefs.

Some examples of these types of mantras can be modified to suit any belief system, such as “God is with me in this moment” or “Mother Earth is here to bring me peace,” and so on.

Mantra #5: Choose a positive affirmation as a mantra.

Mantras are a great way to add personal affirmations into your meditative practice. When we repeat a mantra, we are relaxing and introducing ourselves to a sense of peace through the repetition of our chosen word or phrase. When the phrase is something positive, it helps assert our belief and confidence in the truth behind that phrase.

Here are a few examples of positive mantras to try:
● I am a joyful and happy person.
● Good fortune is coming my way.
● I am a beacon of positivity and light.
● I am wonderfully made.
● I deserve peace and happiness.

Mantra #6: Choose a simple assertion as a mantra.

If you find yourself struggling to achieve a certain feeling or emotion, meditating while chanting assemble assertion as a mantra can help change your attitude.

For example, if you’re feeling really angry about something that happened at work, you can have a meditation session afterwards using a simple assertion as your mantra to help redirect your anger and change your attitude.

During your practice, you may repeat the mantra “I am calm” to regain your sense of calmness and allow the anger to melt away. These simple assertions can change depending on the emotion you’re calming and exploring.

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